Edge Softening not found

Hello all,

Can Edge Softening be accidentally removed from the Properties panel? This is happening on one pc in the classroom, but none of the others. You can see that Thickness, Shut Lining and Displacement are also missing.

The object selected is just an extrusion, nothing else. Same issue with polysurfaces. The same .3dm shows file works fine on other pc’s, so it’s not the .3dm or the geometry.

Rhino 6 sr16.


Hi Mike - I guess the first thing to do is get the current SR (22 now) for Rhino and see if that sorts it out.


Has Edge Softening been touched in the SR’s since 16? I hadn’t seen anything about it in the release notes.

Or are you saying that a quick upgrade (or re-install) might fix the problem? We try to keep all of the student pc’s on the same build to limit variables in the classroom.


Hi Mike, you might try a Repair on that installation if you do not want to get the latest.No idea whether that will clear some cobwebs…


Will do. Unfortunately, this happened in our London classroom and they’re all done for the day. I’ll get them to try it in the morning. Is there anything else they can try if that doesn’t clear it out?

Thanks to @John_Brock for the win on this one!
In Tools > Options > Plug-ins, make sure the “Displacement” plug-in is enabled.
If it is not, add the check, then right-click on it and choose Load.


Good job lads