Edge Softening stopped working for some objects - Why?

I had a model where EdgeSoftening was working fine, and now suddenly not all edges accept the EdgeSoftening anymore. I have big objects (+60 mm) and 10+ mm thickness~which had a 0.3 radius EdgeSoftening.

I read in “similar posts” about issues with EdgeSoftening, and in one case it was suggested that the objects are exploded and re-joined again. I tried on two objects, and broke a deep Bongo IK-chain! (the objects no longer had the former names and so the references were broken).

Q: So, is there any lesser destructive method for “refreshing” whatever needs to be refreshed in order to make EdgeSoftening stick again, preferably without killing the internal object references of the (joined) solids? (which are all part of IK chains).

// Rolf

Did you try anything other than exploding?
Without having a model that is not EdgeSoftening anymore it’s hard to say what will work. I’d try RefreshShade and ClearAllMeshes for starters.

I only came across Explode when searching. Guess I didn’t try hard enough searching. I’ll try these two commands in a while.

// Rolf

If you encounter another file like that - that also misbehaves after saving, closing, and restarting Rhino - be sure to send it in to McNeel!

RefreshShade made no difference. But ClearAllMeshes did the trick.

After running the ClearAllMeshes command, and then pressing render, Rhino became flippin’ crazy for a minute+, but after calming down all edges gently accepted EdgeSoftening again. :sunglasses:

Thank you very much!

// Rolf

Hi Rolf - if you see this again, can you please export one of the objects before ‘fixing’ it and post it or send to tech@mcneel.com with a comment about what the problem is?



Unexpectingly (…) I saved the failing model version (007) applying Incremental Save (to 008) after succeeding with ClearAllMeshes. :grin:

I’ll send R007 to tech@ in a moment.

// Rolf

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(Repost in the relevant context)

@Luc may find this interesting:

As mentioned above I could restore the capability of EdgeSoftening sticking but the objects stay Softened only if NOT linked in a Bongo IK-Chain, or if only Children to any such linked object.

I sent the model to tech@mcneel.com but at the time of sending, I had not yet disclosed when or what was stripping the objects of the Softening. But after only one (1) rendered Keyframe in a new attempt to render the Bongo animation (its all in the file I sent) the EdgeSoftening was gone, again.

If it’s Bongo or something else causing the failing EdgeSoftening I do not know (of course), but take a look at that and let me know if I can prevent this from happening, somehow.

// Rolf