V-RayMtl Converter 3 for 3d max

V-RayMtl Converter 3 converts the source materials with maximum possible preservation of the basic material properties, such as diffuse, specular, opacity (including filter), glossiness, roughness, bump, displacement, selfillumination (emission), translucency, reflection, refraction (although it is necessary to understand that certain materials may need adjustments once the conversion process is complete). Also, all the textures that are used for the above parameters were saved. As for the special procedural maps, they are converted only if there is an analogue. Otherwise, procedural maps are baked into textures or removed if the resulting materials can be used without them.

Concerning the accuracy of the conversion, we want to note that none of the existing converters can provide 100% accuracy of the conversion due to the fact that the principle of different rendering engines is different too, and sometimes even significantly. In this regard, the physical parameters of these materials are also significantly different. Therefore, some complex, multi-component materials after using our converter are recommended to be checked again and adjusted manually, although often that’s is not required. But despite these, we tried to achieve the maximum possible accuracy of the conversion, which the our plugin provides an average of 95-98% (and in some cases 100%) and without exaggeration we can say that this is the best result!

For converting materials, maps and other scene components (lights, cameras, proxy etc) from different renderer engines into V-Ray, as well as to reverse the conversion of V-Ray materials into Standard (Default Scanline) materials the “V-RayMtl Converter 3” plugin will help you. This plugin also supports converting materials from multiple *.max files.
You can see a detailed description of this plugin here: https://maxtools.3dzver.ru/vmc

or on ScriptSpot here: V-RayMtl Converter | ScriptSpot
or on the Autodesk App Store here: V-RayMtl Converter | 3ds Max | Autodesk App Store