V-Ray Real Time GPU rendering with a Nvidia Quadro M4000 8 GB

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I haven’t tried ti render with GPU before, therefor my language in this post can be a tad ridiculous. I’m sorry for that.

My question is, will I be able to use RT on Rhino 5 with a Nvidia Quadro M4000 8 GB card? I’ve read on the 3DSMax help site that the Maxwell Nvidia graphics card aren’t compatible with GPU rendering for 3DSMax yet. Do we have the same situation with Vray 2.0 for Rhino?

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I too just purchased an NVIDIA Quadro M4000. I actually got two. Unfortunately, there is a lot of contradictory and misinformation out there about just how a QUADRO card can improve performance. A lot actually seems to depend on the software you are using and if it can take advantage of the hardware technology. Unfortunatley, from what I understand after speaking with RHINO tech support, is that RHINO relies on the CPU and RAM exclusively. THE GPU will controil rendering, so it depends on what Rendering Program you are using.

Flamingo nXt is Open CL as is RHINO, so there is not an advantage of having CUDA (which is NVIDIA’s technology). However, with VRay you can definitely take advantage of the M4000 with RT. In RHINO with VRAY selected as the rendering engine, you need to go into the VRay pull down menu and select Options and than select the RT Engine Tab at the bottom of the list. Than select the CUDA option (as opposed to the open CL one). The other benefit of VRAY is it will take advantage of multiple QUADRO cards automatically, the more CUDA threads the better and the more powerful. Dual Quadro M4000’s may be able to perform almost as well as a single M6000 (see the chart NVIDIA provides on this for 3DS MAX). Some rendering programs will only take advantage of one card.

NVIDIA has a new rendering engine for RHINO made specifically to work with the QUADROS including the M4000. Its called IRAY and is in beta. You can apply to be a beta tester for it on NVIDIAS website. I hope this helps. I personally have had to ask a lot of questions from a lot of different people to get some answers on the capabilities and benefits of the QUADRO. The answer to your question is no RHINO itself will not but the RENDERING SOFTWARE MAY depending on which one you use. And 3DS Max uses rendering software that IS compatible with the QUADRO’s. Including both VRAY and IRAY.

I’m afraid that you must have misunderstood Tech Support.
Rhino performs a check of the GPU to see if it fulfills the requirements to be used to do the rendering of the viewports. If it does, acceleration is ticked off under Options > View > OpenGL.

By default, all display modes use OpenGL calls to render the contents of the viewports but you can manually set that to Windows (CPU) under Options > Display Modes > [a mode] > Other Settings > Pipeline.

But this thread isn’t about Rhino using the GPU or not…

Thanks for your valuable comment, I have been rambling for 2 years, which graphics card was the right one for my pc, I bought gtx 1060 then I bought a rx5700xt and then I saw that the graphic is not used when I render with vray, then I will buy a m4000 based on this

For Rhino and V-Ray I wouldn’t buy a Quadro card. You get much more speed for your money by RTX cards.

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