Quadro 4000 settings with VRAY

I’m not having luck with getting my Quadro 4000 to work. Does anyone have a link with info that could step me through the proper settings? Or a method to test that it is functioning properly.

This may all be related to using Quadro 4000 with VRAY


What is it that isn’t working? Rhino or V-ray? V-Ray RT? V-Ray production render doesn’t use the GPU.

Filipe, you answered the question. Not liking the news, but that is what the problem was. Are there any tools to speed up VRAY production render? Does Rhino use the Quadro 4000 for production render?

You can use VRay RT for rough visualization, there are three rendering modes you can configure: CUDA, Open CL or CPU. CUDA would be the one that would take advantage of you GPU. My experience with a Quadro 600 gives me no difference between the modes. In any case VRay RT doesn’t support displacement maps and some other features of Vray Production Render.
If you really need the features of Production Render the only way to accelerate render times is to add CPUs. The way to do this is to add render nodes with Vray Distributed Render.

Got it thanks, I’m looking to get video rendering to go faster. So adding CPU’s or finding a good Rhino Vray farm. I’m wondering if a could environment would work e.g. Azure

Each license of V-Ray will let you install a V-Ray utility on up to nine other computers, as long as they are on the same wired network. Its called DR (Distributed Rendering) Spawner and is free. It’s the only way to go with multi-frame video output.

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