Rt with cpu cuda problem


i haven’t seen anything usefull anywhere so i am asking here. i use lenovo y50 with gtx 860m 4 gb and when i try to render with rt engine set to gpu cuda the rt render does not work. normal render and rt production works just fine. any ideas on solving the problem???

thanks in advance
Dimitris Vidalis

Are you referring to V-Ray for Rhino? If so, please change your category to Rendering - V-Ray.

yes vray for rhino, changed…

Are you using V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino Service Pack 1?
Is is working with CPU instead of GPU?
Is there a problem rendering both in V-Ray Frame Buffer and with VRayRT display mode?

yes vray2 sp1
works with cpu perfect not with gpu cuda or opengl
yes problem in both
downloaded cuda drivers from nvidia site(950mb). installed them but no luck. can it be a setting from the nvidia center or something like that?

this is all i get

Mine is working, both with cuda and Open CL.
I have a Quadro 5000

There are certain material combinations that will cause it to fail. One of them is a translucent material with a tinted color. I think the other is the ‘toon’ material. If you have any, try hiding them to see if it works / works better.

You can also check which gpu(onboard or discrete) is selected for Vray openCL use by going to:
WINDOWS START MENU->ALL Programs->ChasoGroup->Vray for Rhinoceros v5 x64->Tools-> GPU DEVICE SELECT
Vray normally uses ALL available gpus which on a laptop can mean using the onboard as well as the discrete 860m device. I often use multiple GPUs and OpenCL version support can differ for mixed GPUs. Try using only 1 of them(the 860m).
In my case I had mixed quadro and geforce which had different OpenCl version support as they were mixed gen cards. Once I got a geforce from the same GPU gen as my quadro then OpenCL and Cuda worked on both cards together for RT. Hope that helps. Michael VS

On my Quadro fx2700 CUDA doesn’t work because the card it’s too old . :slight_smile:

Try it with running “Launch the distributed rendering spawner” in “Chaos Group” folder. Make sure “Launch the distributed rendering spawner” is allowed in the windows firewall settings.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I’m also having the exact same problem and am not able to render with RT using the CUDA option selected. I installed the CUDA drivers without any luck. The screenshot dvidalis took is the same screen I get.

To sum the problem up:

I’m able to render using CPU but not either of the GPU options. My goal is to render with the GPU using CUDA. I have VRay SP1.

Thanks, I know its been awhile.

In laptops i’ve seen, the most common problem is the graphics card been used as mentioned above. Sometimes the laptop manufacturer software chooses arbitrarily which card is used by which program.

You have to change that and also check your drivers - some people installing new updates may get problems by the updates too.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m actually running a Titan X with Wndows 7 Pro as my operating system. I’ve downloaded the latest drivers as well with no luck.

I did try: "WINDOWS START MENU->ALL Programs->ChasoGroup->Vray for Rhinoceros v5 x64->Tools-> GPU DEVICE SELECT"
But the GPU device select wasn’t one of the options.

This whole thing is bizarre.

If you have custom gpu software installed in the windows system tray by nvidia you should also check there.

Many cards install software to aid you in running ‘profiles’ for gaming that may interfere with CAD programs and their display settings.

All those are set to default settings, there are no game optimized setting checked. I think its a setting within Vray. I just don’t know how to narrow it down to what specifically. I’ve read posts by a few people who have had this same problem but there is no resolution to be found.

I think there is a more recent Vray version update than ‘sp1’ but I’m not in the office to check - go to the ChaosGroup website and look around…

It was stealthily released some time ago if I remember correctly.