V-Ray Next secondary rays multiplier


Prior to V-Ray Next there used to be multiplier fields for Primary and Secondary rays. They were very useful to boost the brightess of dark areas for example.

How do you guys affect the lights similarly in V-Ray Next ?

Thanks !

The secondary multiplier is internal set to 1. You need it at a higher value? I never used a higher value, only lower than 1.

You can save the options to the harddisk, edit the option to value you like and load it back to Rhino.

Also you can use a script like this saved at a button:

! _-RunPythonScript (

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
vray = rs.GetPlugInObject(“V-Ray for Rhino”)
vray.SetSceneValue("/SettingsGI", “secondary_multiplier”, 0.8)

I don’t know which version will run that, but if it does not work, just make the 0.8 value a string:
vray.SetSceneValue("/SettingsGI", "secondary_multiplier", "0.8")
there is automatic coercion in the more recent versions, but for the older one this function only accepts strings

Thanks a lot for your answers !

I have tried this command but it is not what I had hoped for. It doesn’t “boost” the brightess of enclosed spaces, as I would like it to do, but has en effect on the whole scene, making it generally brighter. See images below:

Primary rays 1, Secondary rays 1

Primary rays 1, Secondary rays 2

Primary rays 1, Secondary rays 3

(Though I’ll admit that the outer walls of the house have become slightly brighter with the ground staying the same - so it works for the first bounce)

How do I get the inside of the house brighter but keep the general brightness of the picture approximately the same (without adding any new light) ? In the old V-Ray I used something like HSphere Subdiv to achieve that.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Did you set the white material to (255,255,255)? In this case the light transport should be at unnatural 100% and you should get more light to the interior than at the real world.

maybe can set light portal right in front of the door?

to light up the internal interior by increasing light bounce would be overkill i think.

@Nikolay This request remember me on an old wish by me - the ambient light source. This light source type can help to get light into large closed interiors. OK, it’s a fake light, but useful for example for large space shops or animations, where a quick calculation is needed. What do you think, since VfR4 is quite well matured is it a good time to talk about it again? :wink:

another method is to put Vray Dome light and make sure to turn on “Adaptive dome”. this will light up interior space without the need to put light portal

Thanks Micha, that worked :wink: !