Link vray-scene preset with framebuffer settings


i recently did some presets for rhino 5 and vray 3 with hdri maps and was trying to include the framebuffer settings (exposure, curves) in each individual file.
sadly i didnt find an option to include them and need to reload them all seperately when i open the files. any suggestions on how i could slove the problem?

thanks! :smiley:

You should post V-Ray requests on Chaosgroup’s forum. Or at least notify @Peter.Chaushev like I just did so he get a chance to see this.


Currently, you should be able to save and Global Color Correction settings as .vccglb files and load them back when working on each corresponding project.
In the upcoming V-Ray 3.6 for Rhino the color correction settings will be automatically saved within each individual Rhino project file.

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Peter Chaushev
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ok, great. thanks for the answer. so for now we just load them in individually and with 3.6 it will be automated, when i save the file in the frame buffer setting automatically without saving the file externally?

Hej peter,
thanks for the reply. I have another question. Our office bought I thnk around 60 vray 3. Licenses, but we are unable to use them because of full system crashes on our pcs because of vray. I think some it people from our office already talked to you guys without a solution. I experience at least 2 full crashes every day while working with vray 3 for rhino.
Do you have maybe any idea what we could do?
Out it guys and we nerds are out of ideas. :wink:

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This is troubling. Please follow up on the email I have sent you!

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