Problems with Rhino after updating to Vray Next


i’ve updated from Vray 3.6.03 to Vray Next and i’m finding problems with Rhino:

  • i’m no longer able to drag and drop images to my rhino file and choose picture, wallpaper, etc…

  • if i click on options icon the window doesn’t appear unless i click again somewhere on the screeen.

I’ve uninstalled Vray and Rhino works great again

I’m using Rhino 6 SR18 2019-9-23 (Rhino 6, 6.18.19266.14201)

Any ideas?

You probably should contact the V-Ray people about that, give feedback there.

Done, i’ve contacted V-ray and if they tell me anything i’ll copy it here.

Anyway as it affects also to Rhino y think it’s important that McNeel crew should know, all of the floating panels (as patch command, block edit, etc) going backwards… It’s quite hard to work in this way

What does this exactly mean?

This kind of floating panels inside a command, they seem to dissapear but they go bakwards rhino main window

Are you running Windows 7 by the way? I’m currently testing evaluation version of Vray Next on my Rhino 6 and am getting the same issues - when using Vray, all the floating windows panels (both Vray and Rhino, including drop-down menus) keep disappearing into the background behind the main window, it’s really annoying and I wouldn’t be able to work like that in the longterm. In my short Google research I found hints that this happens in Windows 7 and allegedly works without a problem in Windows 10, so I’m trying to confirm this.


i’m using Windows 8.1

Ah, interesting. So maybe it doesn’t work both in W7 and W8.1? And W10 is fine? Of course it could still be unrelated to OS version and be caused by something different, hard to say.