HELP! Vray 3.6 saying "Unable to Acquire License" - REALLY? AGAIN?!

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Hi Peter, et al,

I need help right away. I’m doing a job for a new client and I’m not able to start my Vray. I’ve been through this once before, and now it’s happening again. I need a stable piece of software. I do not want to go off to Thea or whatever, but I need to know this is going to be there for me when i need to do my work.

PLEASE have someone contact me ASAP.


Wrong forum? Why not to contact Chaos-Group?


:joy: That’s me both laughing and actually crying!

well … no reason not to have a backup program for just these kinds of V-Ray problems.

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fixed. There was a problem with the License server not finding my computer b/c I brought it to a different place, and it was probably assigned a different IP address. Chaos helped and added something to my Server manager that should (hopefully) work when I take my computer home again.

This is one of the good reasons to use the dang dongle. You can install V-Ray on a few computers, but just plug in the dongle on the one you’re using.

I’m always afraid that my network connection will go down … and I can’t work if I’m using the network license.

Well hello @schultzeworks

Was actually just thinking about you yesterday while i was working on a project. Nice to see you respond to my post!

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m interested in doing now. The tech said once you do a “migration” to online server, you can’t go back to using the dongle. I’m hoping that’s not 100% true, b/c Like you suggested, it’s a good idea to have the ability to use that dang dongle!

Hey! That is news to me, but it does make some sense. Please report back here when you get a definitive answer.

I like the way Adobe does it. Their server only needs to check your license once a month if you ‘go off the grid.’ So, its cool if you like to work out in the woods for 29 days. Like we all do.

3D and bears. It happens.

:rofl: Will do!

It’s also mentioned on a Czech reseller’s page. It’s a one-way process they say.

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Their server only needs to check your license once a month if you ‘go off the grid.’ So, its cool if you like to work out in the woods for 29 days. Like we all do.

You should be able to continually borrow your licenses for offline use for 2-week periods at a time with the option to automatically renew the borrowing when its term is about to expire. Keep in mind that the act of re-borrowing requires internet connection.
For further info, visit

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushevp
V-Ray for Rhino QA

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Some vendors still sell V-ray with a dongle, so that might be an option IF you are getting a new license (vs. an upgrade.)


Well, I have a dongle so don’t assume that’s the answer to your problems. I’m getting that error screen now and when I go online to localhost whatever I only get dead links!

I can’t tell you how many hours of my life I’ve wasted trying to get V-Ray to run. Every time I turn around it’s dead. Thankfully I have Thea (which never has any of these problems).

I’ve seen this problem a few times myself. I ended up contacting my re-seller and they walked me though a few steps and it was fixed.

The general issue is that there are separate versions of V-ray, the render swarm, and the license file on the system (or dongle.) The V-Ray installer tries to do all three at once, but it didn’t work successfully in my case. I’m guessing it was because I had upgraded from MANY prior versions.

I was told that the fresh install (to a new system) is supposed to be more reliable.

I’d get in touch with your re-seller or Chaos tech support.

Rly? I’m much more satisfied with Thea than i ever was with vray.

Chaos tech support is very helpful but it’s like a helpful mechanic keeping a poorly designed car running, you’re always going back to the mechanic. I’ve spent more time getting V-Ray up and running than all my other software programs combined.

It’s not deadware on my computer but I don’t depend on the program for my bread and butter. What would I do today if I were using V-Ray? Tell my client they have to move their deadline up because my renderer is down, again?

Fortunately I have Thea - stable, dependable and a damn fine renderer. And no lunatic licensing scheme to screw up.

And it’s so hard for me to see that the poorly designed car is build on a really fantastic engine. If the core engine wouldn’t be so good, than the situation would be ok for me. (I use an old internal beta version of VfR2 based on Vray 3.2 and it’s so powerful, that I wan’t give up the hope for VfR3.)

We need a big investment of development power and a team that is listen to the power users.

Hi @schultzeworks

My Vray problems continue! I’ve tried to download and install a fresh Vray installer. Went through the install process, and now Rhino 6 won’t show Vray in Plugins. I get the image I’ve uploaded here upon Rhino Start (Window on the left is what pops up, and the window on right is ultimately what you get when you select “Details”)

Any thoughts?

I had a problem with V-Ray 3.6 and gave up after about an hour of the usual un-install / re-boot / re-install. Etc / etc!

I called the re-seller and they said it was fairly common. They walked me through a key few settings and then had me download a license file separately – and it all worked!

So, hey, get in touch with your re-seller. I use Novedge for Rhino and Trinity3D for V-Ray.

Thanks, that makes me feel better. I’ll get in touch with Novedge, as well.