V-Ray Next for Rhino 6: Asset editor blank


I am encountering a frustrating bug (or whatever it is). The asset editor of V-Ray 4.20.03 for Rhino 6.29 stays white. V-Ray seems to be working (I can start a rendering and can see the frame buffer window, I can place V-Ray objects). I am using VisualARQ as well, maybe there are incompatibilities?

There was a similar issue some time ago:
There it was seemingly caused by a big file which slowed V-Ray down. However in my case, the asset editor stays always blank, even if I just opened an empty template file.

Anyone having the same issue?

Read that wrong.
Could you check that the GPU drivers are up-to-date https://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?

The GPU driver is up to date and the issue still occurs.

I don´t understand though, why there are 5-6 “V-Ray NeUI” starting to run since the moment I start Rhino:


I don´t know if that is normal behaviour.

Yes, it is normal. Each process is for different parts of the Asset Editor (previews, library, etc)

If there is an anti-virus application running, could you disable it temporarily and see if this resolves the issue?

Disabling my anti-virus application didn´t change anything.

I had this exact issue some time ago, when I installed V-Ray for then Rhino 5. If I remember correctly, the solution was to change one tiny thing in a config file or something like that, but unfortunately I don´t know where this solution was explained.

Better contact support@chaosgroup.com in that case