Asset Editor window not working

Hey, so i was working on preparing a scene for rendering and the asset editor just stoped working, rhino still works fine but nothing works on vray. It just opens up blank like this and won’t do anything.

Can anyone help?

I’m using vray next for Rhino 5!

Hi, Antoniorsc9
this is a known issue. There are corrupted settings plugins, that could not be deserialized properly from the file.
It usually happens when a file is being opened. Is it possible to share the file, so I could salvage the missing piece ?

Yes, here it is, thank you very much in advance!
L49_EP_003_copia2013_renders.rar (10.5 MB)

Hi Antoniorsc9

I do reproduce the problem with V-Ray for Rhino Next 4.00.01.
However it was fixed in 4.00.02 released Apr. 23rd. I don’t have a problem with the latest development version either. Please update to 4.00.02

Your model seems to be very big and quite inefficient when it comes to V-Ray. If may I suggest a small change to your workflow. It seems you have quite a large number of proxies with their respective materials. Since they are mostly the same proxy with the same material, you have ~25 copies of the same thing (geometry + material) This is simply an unnecessary overhead, and only makes the things run slow. You can take advantage of the proxy instancing introduced in V-Ray 3.60 and significantly speed up loading/saving/rendering your scene.

There are two ways:

  1. Rhino block instancing:
  2. V-Ray instancing - that is simply Alt+Dragging the proxy in the Rhino viewport. That will not create a separate V-Ray entry, but instance it

Thank you! The issue is solved! Any ideas if it happens again?

Thanks also for the tip on the proxies!


this is a problem, that developers should resolve, not the users. It must not happen again, but if it does, just let me know.

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I have updated Rhino 6.20 with vray next 4.10.02, asset editor does not show up on any machine out of 50. I do have 6.18 Rhino on one of the machines with same vray next version and editor is working fine.

Also i cannot find older version of Rhino to make it work. Please help.