Asset aditor not visible

Hi people!!

I am using Vray 6 in Rhino 7, and when I open it today the Asset Aditor is not visible anymore!
Can anybody help me?


can you check if V-ray is set to be the default renderer?

Hello Tay,

Yes, V-ray is the default render!. The problem started after I updated V-ray.
I am using in a Macbook, on Parallels.

What happens if you start _render?

Can you open the framebuffer and read the error logs?

Maybe you have a license problem.

Hi Micha,

Frame Buffer goes fine.
Asset aditor not visible.
Error on log:

[13:33:06.483] Warning : A potential message flooding was detected. The logging will be halted for a short period.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Lucas, did you see if it is “checked” on in the toolbars.-Mark

I would start a rendering and look at the log - is there an interesting error or doe’s the rendering start?


if you can open other windows, then it is certain that the AE window is created and working, since it is delegating some messages to other windows.

You shall check if you have hanging vrayneui.exe processes running after closing all Rhino instances. If AE is hanging it leaves the socket open, actively capturing events from the active session.

Furthermore try some of the vrayShow... commands. Like vrayShowAssetEditor several times. Try the other commands too - they shall show/hide various NeUI windows

If all that does not resolve, you may want to check if the primary monitor connected, but turned off.
NeUI always pops in the center of the active monitor. If one is off, you shall not be able to see it.

If that is not working either, check whether the NeUI window is created at all - after several vrayShowAssetEditor commands, hover the mouse pointer on the Rhino’s taskbar icon. You shall be able to see the created windows:

the asset editor shall be in the miniature, even if not visible on the main monitor (the miniature may be a matter of Windows setup)

Report back, please