V-Ray Next: Bongo animation doesn't render


I need to render an animation per Bongo, but it stops after the first frame is started. It looks like the batch mode isn’t automatic activated anymore. Doe’s someone know a quick solution how to get it working again? My client need the animation soon as possible.


I got an idea and found the solution. Normally I use Rhino and the Bongo plugin is disabled. So, I load it during a Rhino session and setup my animation. But I found now the batch mode works only if the Bongo plugin is loaded at the Rhino startup. Now it works.

You need to load the Bongo plugin before the V-Ray plugin.

In order for V-Ray to detect Bongo render commands, we register with the Bongo event watcher, which happens once on plugin load. So Bongo SDK must be available before V-Ray is loaded

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Hi there,

I have been having the same issue and I don’t get what you mean by “loading” the Bongo plugin before the V-Ray plugin. How do you do that? I am sorry for the basic question.

Thank you!

It means both plugins must be enabled in the Rhino plugins dialog