V-Ray for Rhino wishes

Some of the things I wish worked better in Rhino V-Ray:

  • Material editor: It would be lovely if you could integrate VisMatEd into Rhino’s MaterialEditor (perhaps less desirable the other way around). I almost always have a mix of V-Ray materials and Rhino materials in my files, and having to switch renderers to edit the material you need is a bit of a pain. Having one material editor which could handle all the materials in the file would be very helpful.

  • Ground Plane: it would be nice if you supported Rhino’s ground plane, or at least allowed turning off Rhino’s ground plane when V-Ray was the active renderer. As it is, you have to switch renderers to turn off a ground plane that has been left on.

  • In Global switches, it would be nice if you could override materials not with just a color, but another material. It would also be nice if there were some mechanism to exclude objects from being overridden (I imagine in the objects properties).

  • In the Camera options under VisOptions, when picking a White balance color, I would love to be able to use an eye dropper type color picker so I could grab a spot from the VFB which I want to be white.

  • For more fancy V-Ray materials, it would be really nice if they did a better job of previewing in the Rhino viewport. For instance, a toon material will always preview grey in the viewport. When looking at the Rhino viewport, it is impossible to tell if you have applied the correct material. It would be nice if instead it at least passed the diffuse color of the base material to Rhino to preview the material. I feel V-Ray just kind of gives up when deciding how to preview fancy materials, but the RDK can handle interesting previews, it would be nice if that were utilized.


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@fpedrogo @crubadue FYI

I wish for Better GPU Rendering Support. AMD - openCL - cards now and over the last year have great drivers to unlock their potential. (maybe also double AMD GPU rendering, please!)

I think support is already there on V-Ray for other platforms so I hope it’s closer to V-Ray for Rhino too.

As for little annoyances, I’d like to see a more complex and real default environment HDR/exr image lighting setup. Maybe even a skylight setup instead of the current one. Plus 2-3 HDRs provided on the basic installation even without the express toolbar.

Sometimes I think although V-Ray is a fantastic engine, it’s losing new people in their first rendering tests because of the awkward defaults that don’t help.