Asset editor is the new materials editor?

I think there’s a problem with the vray plugin. I can’t open the materials editor . Or I just don’t know how.

v-ray 3.40.01 for rhinoceros 5 sr14

Hello - is your question about Rhino or VRay?


both of them.
the question relates to the rhino interface but is related to the vray plugin

If you are using V-ray next as current render engine, from V-ray toolbar select “Asset Editor” or in Rhino command line type “_vrayShowAssetEditor” you will find the “Material editor for V-ray”.

If you want to use the “Rhino Material editor”,go to Render , then select “Current Render” Rhino Render. and type “_MaterialEditor” in Rhino command line.

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I confess that I am a bit confused.
I have another version of vray (v-ray for rhino 2.00.26563) and this is his materials editor:

vray asset editor is equivalent to the v-ray materials editor?