A couple of papercuts

I’ve been enjoying the beta, but had a couple of little annoyances. The first is when V-Ray is enabled in Rhino Options -> Plug-ins, it modifies the file modified flag, so Rhino asks if you want to save changes to your file before you open another file, or close Rhino. If V-Ray is disabled in Plug-ins, Rhino behaves as normal.

The other is that the frame buffer (and it seems sometimes the VisOptions window) behave like a separate program from Rhino. For instance when Rhino is minimized, the frame buffer sticks around. When any of V-Rays windows are active, nothing is passed to Rhino (for instance, typing a command when the frame buffer is active, nothing appears on the command line). In the task bar, I see Rhino, and then the frame buffer like it is separate. Is this necessary?

And for other wishes, I’ll link to this oldie: V-Ray for Rhino wishes


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