V-Ray For Mac


Will there ever be a plug-in for Rhino Mac for VRay/Enscape/Corona/Lumion/Twinmotion and any other render software? If not please can this be added or someone tell me why it doesn’t exist already. :smiling_face_with_tear:

That would be up to the VRay/Enscape/Corona/Lumion/Twinmotion developers,
The tools exist to write plug-ins.
Qualified, experienced Mac developers seem to be in short supply.


Twinmotion works in Rhino for Mac.

Enscape for Mac has been released for SketchUp, Vectorworks and Archicad. The Rhino version is being developed, I don’t know when it will be released.


Ah okay I see, so frustrating. Thanks John.

Do you think if there’s enough of a demand for it maybe then they might consider joining forces with you and the team to get these plug-ins going?

Hi Rudi,

Oh perfect, this is good to know. I’m trying to streamline my workflow and it’s just the rendering which is failing me.

I’ll check out twin-motion and thanks for letting me know about Sketch-Up. Annoyingly i don’t like using Sketch-Up as much hence now me using Rhino.

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Cycle [Rhino Render] now support GPU on Mac… so depends what you need to render, it may or may not give you the desired results, but it’s fast now.
The rendering and materials setup UI, is [an opinion] confusing and not very pleasant … but one can learn and get used to it.

And then, very recommended to checkout Bella Render, it is integrated with Rhino and the evaluation gives you unlimited time to test and learn.
It has very high quality capabilities, but no GPU support yet [under development]


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I think the problem is more harder than just find a developer.
@John_Brock correct me if I’m wrong

Rhino is based on C# but Vray, to be compatible with the mac, is made on C++.
I’m not expert but making the 2 language collaborating seems to take a lot of time.

That’s deeper into the weeds than I can go.
I understand from the Rhino developers, that all the tools needed for Mac Rhino plug-in development are written and available.

Beyond that, it’s up to the plug-in developers.

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I recommend too that you take a look at Bella. Beautiful results, easy to use, very fast on both Mac and Windows.


Thanks Marc, i’ll look into Bella. I think that’s the only way for me to test and improve my rendering skills without having to download Parallels and struggle with that route. I’ll test it out now along with Rhino 8 which has officially launched.

You are correct. We’ll try to see what can be done about this once we get out from under the current Rhino 8 crunch.



might want to check this thread :wink:

future replies might reveal some important upcoming :slight_smile:


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thanks for sharing, i’ve resorted for the time being to try learn how to utilize v-ray in sketch up for now and export my rhino model into sketch up only for when i want to render. I’ll also investigate the existing build in rhino render.

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Enscape has now been developed for Rhino on Mac. :call_me_hand:


Ah let me go and check it out ASAP , thanks so much. I guess this is one possible solution at least, i need to test it out but i’m still testing out Rhino 8.