Vray rhino mac when will be available, anybody knows?

So far on my computer it works fine!

In the mean time: An Octane X Render plugin for Rhino Mac is in the plans. The new Octane X renderer (currently in beta) supports GPU-rendering on macOS with the Metal API. Sounds really exciting and could be a great alternative! :100:


Side note: Octane X has been officially released!!!

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This nugget from your link Rudolf:

“Octane X is fully compatible with macOS Catalina and will be available for free ****** for new users on Macs with the release of macOS Big Sur coming this fall.”

****** Octane X | PR1 is available today for current OctaneRender Studio and Enterprise subscribers. In the coming months, a full commercial version of Octane X, with one year of maintenance, will be made available – for free – to all new users activating Octane X on 2019 or later models of Mac Pro, iMac and MacBook Pro running macOS Big Sur."

Interpret as free 1 year demo???

Yeah, if you have the right machine

@ec2638 I did not understand it fully yet, but as far as I know this offer goes if you have a Mac of 2019 or newer and are a new user on macOS Big Sur. So to get it free, I think you have to wait for Big Sur (?)

interesting, is it available to test now ?

Bella render has a mac OS version I believe… this is a JD Hill project (the awesome guy who made maxwell work for rhino)



If anyone is interested in a MacOS octane x plugin please see here:

They haven’t made it yet and it sounds like it is up in the air subject to how many requests they get.

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please, will the new V-ray for Rhino finally also be available on macOS?

that is a question for the Vray folks… feel free to make this request known to them directly as we have zero control over their development.

In all honesty, at this point I would be flabbergasted if ChaosGroup released a VRay for Mac Rhino.

Early on they made noises like they were going to do it.
Then they quit saying anything publically about it but hinted it was still possible.
It’s been “crickets” for years now.

I can’t guess if they just don’t have the in-house Apple coding talent (common problem), or if they determined they wouldn’t sell enough copies to be a viable product for them.

As many other posts in this thread have suggested, please contact ChaosGroup and tell them you still want a Mac VRay.


This has been asked many times, and the answer is still the same: There is no official C++ API for Rhino on Mac, thus we can’t reuse any bit of the Windows code.

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i wonder how this became the solution of the topic, when the OP is not in the forum for several years. also not a solution at all by all means.

Technically not, no, but the answer of @Nikolay makes it pretty clear that the answer to “when” is practically “never”.
So anyone looking in this topic, will not need to search for a better answer in this topic, that’s the main function of the solution checkmark.

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well, how shall i put it… diplomatically…

like depending on C++++++++++ would be the only way out (in) :man_shrugging:

Nikolay’s answer is pretty definitive…
I would not hope for Chaos to rewrite their code in a Mac-compatible language at all.
I did went for a solution where the developers chose a more universal solution (Bella render)!


The solution really seems to be a C++ SDK for the Mac version of Rhino.

Here is the official statement:

Please refer to the answer of Nikolay Bakalov (previously posted in V-Ray 6 beta forum) - V-Ray for Rhino leading developer:

V-Ray itself supports Apple Arm chips, which is evident - C4D sketchup, maya, houdini…they all run natively on the M1/M2. Our plans of Rhino on Mac exist since 3-4 years ago. However the problem is the Rhino API. Historically V-Ray for Rhino is written on C++, using the Rhino C++ SDK on Windows. On Mac, however, McNeel do not offer a C++ SDK, but only .NET/Mono one. Hence the language we must use is C#. None of the already existing C++ code could be reused, and both SDKs have absolutely nothing in common. This means we need to rewrite everything on another language and against differnt SDK, that could potentially have fewer features. Then we need to support both implementations.

this is not quite feasible.

We know that McNeel have written their own Mac plugins on C++, hence such SDK exists. We have asked McNeel several times about publishing the SDK one way or another. The answer has always been ‘No’

As you can see, if is not that we don’t want, quite the opposite, however on these condirions, we don’t really have a choice​

This is our official statement.

Any comments from the McNeel devs regarding the existence of a C++ SDK? If yes, I think it would be useful for many other plug-in devs, just thinking out loud… don’t know much about the deeper implications between C# and C++ SDKs


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@Gijs can McNeel do something regarding the C++ SDK for macOS?

If this is true, it should be possible, right?


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It looks like you found the answer.


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