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I’v asked this question before; would there at any point be a plugin for Vray on Mac? I thought the problem was on the Enscape/Chaos side of the table, but I’m not so sure after the response for them;

"V-Ray itself supports Apple Arm chips, which is evident - C4D sketchup, maya, houdini…they all run natively on the M1/M2. Our plans of Rhino on Mac exist since 3-4 years ago. However the problem is the Rhino API. Historically V-Ray for Rhino is written on C++, using the Rhino C++ SDK on Windows. On Mac, however, McNeel do not offer a C++ SDK, but only .NET/Mono one. Hence the language we must use is C#. None of the already existing C++ code could be reused, and both SDKs have absolutely nothing in common. This means we need to rewrite everything on another language and against differnt SDK, that could potentially have fewer features. Then we need to support both implementations.

*We know that McNeel have written their own Mac plugins on C++, hence such SDK exists. We have asked McNeel several times about publishing the SDK one way or another. The answer has always been ‘No’. As you can see, if is not that we don’t want, quite the opposite, however on these conditions, we don’t really have a choice"

vray developers are a bunch of lazy mac hater windows nerds not willing to share a byte for the mac users relying on and pointing at mcneel as their sole excuse instead of doing something themselves. sorry if that may sound harsh but the people are begging for more than 10 years already.

try Bella for some real good quality render for Rhino for Mac. i believe if you get into it the quality might be even superior since vray looks good but is fake while Bella will deliver physically correct outputs. but ok am just repeating theory, but there are a few skilled users who have shown here what bella can do. for now maybe a good alternative if not the better solution anyway.

From what I understood, the reason we do not ship our Mac c++ sdk is mainly because it isn’t ready to share yet. Once we ship it becomes much harder to break and change things.

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This is not true. Vray has spoken with us in interest of developing for mac. The problem is that we still do not have a C++ SDK available for them to use. We are the barrier to getting vray to be able to even begin working on a Mac version.

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Please, please make vray for MacOs possible! It is a great tool.

Okey, thanks a lot for the answer. It would definitely be very welcome with an integration. For now I’m using parallels and run Vray that way, but it’s not unlocking Mac’s potential.
I hope it would be possible to provide a C++ SDK

ic, but i was actually under the impression that the SDK was also not progressing at all.

that is also not true. my quite frantic reply was not that far from the truth, for instance if we look at other developers like Bella, why did they find a way around? they had not excuses and just went for it. the same could be true for the chaos group, instead of just being lazy and relying on you they could have just started a redevelopment for both platforms to be independent like you guys did now.

so you can put it one or another way but taking all the blame and call it quits is just half of the story either.

Because they developed it to be cross platform from the get-go…

happy Cake Day! @Helvetosaur :wink:

sure, but how long did it take them? having the experience and knowledge to write a render app and doing it the 2nd time it most likely could be much faster, even if a few things change, with a great opportunity to optimise due to the gained experience in the mean time.

something which McNeel guys also could have done, now they went down that route to patch things together, now it works, its not great but its workable, and McNeel guys are also not giving up even though its still a long way and the rant never stops, so Kudos to them for it.

no Kudos for Chaos for now.

I think Bella is a much smaller team and and focused on only two platforms. As you know Chaos is a huge monster company now and I don’t think Rhino is the highest of their priorities.

they develop Bella for Rhino, Bella for Maya, Bella for SketchUp, and have their own Bella app with its own GUI. while Bella for Maya also looks completely different due to the Maya node workflow or what not. they have Bella CLI a command-line set up for render farms and their own SDK, besides all that ui stuff they of course have a very good renderer which subdues vray in the physical aspects, so by all means quite a nice project… ok i sound like a Bella marketing guy, but i want to sum up how it was possible for 3 people if i am correct.

while chaos group have… eh 700 employees and still cant get Vray running accordingly for mac? that sounds pretty bloated - they even ignore the fact that apple has their own apple silicon for quite a long time, for it to run at all you have to have an older mac with intel processor. wow. yeah they are right there where they need to be for Mac Os users to feel left behind completely. so i am not expecting anything from them at this point, neither should Mcneel even consider pushing their C++ SDK development because of them.

@encephalon There are currently many rendering options in Rhino to choose from. What would you like to render in V-Ray that you cannot render in Cycles or other plugins?

@Gijs i believe there is a misunderstanding, i am not going to render anything with vray, i know you are a vray guy so if somebody here with experience pointing out where the actual advantages may be besides probably the most obvious speed if i resulted that correct then it would be you. i basically perpetuated myself into this topic many years ago out of personal interest at first in that other ranting topic. while at it again i found more evidence that its not worth pursuing for anybody using a mac. hope that clears the confusion?