V ray 5- error loading .rhp file installation problem

I have just bought v ray 5 and I have such problem while installing it on rhino 7.

Checked folder and .rhp. file is in proper folder (Chaos group)
Tried to uninstalling other plugins and reinstalling rhino (even uninstalled previous RH 6 that I had on computer) but it did not work.
What is strange V ray did work properly on Rhino 6 that I had on same computer but this is not my goal, to move geometries to old rhino to render it.
I work with Visual Arq and thought that perhaps there is some collision but uninstallation of VA did not help

Had anyone such problem?

Would be very thankfull for any advice :slight_smile:

Hi, this issue is typically not related to any other plugins installed with Rhino (although it happened once)
The most probable reason is that the .rhp failed to resolve dependent .dll files paths, or the resolved files are not binary compatible.

If that is the case you would have a message box popping up or some line of text in the Rhino command window.

Furthermore are you trying to load the .rhp directly from the Rhino’s settings dialog ?
This usually fails for some unknown reason. It is the best if the .rhp is loaded with Rhino startup.

Also, please show here the contents of the PATH environment variable

Thank you

Loading .rhp file manually from pluginmanager helped :slight_smile: Thank you for advice

where did you find your .rhp file to manually added into the pluginmanager?