UVeditor - too small surfaces

When I use “_Unwrap” and “_UVeditor” Rhino 5 commands in order to map all surfaces of my model into a square I assign on X-Y plan, I get too small surfaces (such like they would be further miniaturized), regardless how wide is the area I set in " _UVeditor". Ofcourse I can rescale each of them inside the UV square, but it require too much time, because my models have got hundreds of flat surfaces.
I tried to do the same using Rhino 6, but also if it has not scaling issue, it puts surfaces unorderly, too near among them, so it is almost impossible to understand what part of model they belongs to, after UV map is exported in order to be painted.
Please do you know if is there a way in order to set a scale for these commands in Rhino 5 ? Or at least a procedural way to avoid to get this issue which happen only with complex shaped objects ?

Welcome @cojdca
More info please