Manual unwrap scale

I have a cuboid object (cushion pillow) - two surfaces as shown on Fig.1, let’s call them top and bottom.
Both surfaces share one material (I use a square grid here for illustration purposes)


After manual unwrap of the top polysurface along the corner seams


I use the UV Editor to make adjustments

Please note that the top and bottom meshes are scaled differently.
If I apply the texture to both as is, the grids will differ in size.


Question 1:

Is there a way to make Rhino keep the same scale for both objects “automatically” when I open the UV Editor? As opposed to re-scaling the objects manually.

Question 2:

Let’s say one square on the texture grid is 1 inch, marked red on Fig.3
The width of the bottom is 20 inches and Rhino knows it.

If I open the UV Editor after selecting the bottom surface only, the mesh tries to “fill” the whole frame.


The scale does not match the real world (neither does it match the scale on Fig.3) and once again I have to scale the mesh manually, recalculating the correct values outside Rhino.

Can we ask Rhino to scale an object correctly from the get go, when opening UV Editor?

Question 3. A complaint, really.

If I join top and bottom surface creating a single cuboid and manually unwrap the polysurface along the same seams, I get


Please note that the scales are still off. What gives?

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Yes hopefully UV unwrap and UV Editor get some love. Not sure who is going to do that though. Maybe @andy?

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