UV mapping / rendering engine problem

Hi guys,

I’ve run into a bit of a mystery - after installing a new version of a rendering engine (Arion to be exact)
I noticed that the UV mapping coordinates got ‘lost’ when rendering the image.
When I checked in the Texture Mapping menu indeed all the mapping coordinates were gone!
Switching back to the previous rendering engine turned the mappings coordinates back on…

My question is; what is wrong?

I tried it with several rendering engines and the problem persisted so it has nothing to do with the rendering engine(s) used. I sincerely do not hope that UV coordinates are ‘locked’ to the rendering engine which is active at the time of applying the mapping coordinates?

Can’t begin to imagine the mess this will cause when exchanging files with suppliers and customers using different rendering engines…



So far I know that is the current behavior, but was there not a command to fix the mapping?

@Micha - it would make no sense to link mapping coordinates to a rendering engine, right? Would make more sense to lock them to…well…the object to which they are applied?

Anyway - if there is a magic command to fix it…I am really, really interested! :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,

I just looked at Arion to maybe help here and I’m not seeing the UV loss. Can you send a file? Here’s what I get here after setting up some UVs in Rhino 5 and then rendering in Arion Live. The first screen shot is of the rendered display mode with Rhino Render as the active engine.


I tested it here too and my mappings from Vray are visible for the Rhino renderer too. So, it looks like the engine dependent behavior was for Rhino 4 only.