UV get lost for rendering (Rhino 6 and 7)

From time to time meshes lost the UV for rendering.

A workaround which I found - copy to Rhino 5, export as OBJ and reimport. Than the surface mapping is baked to the mesh. Could be nice if the reason for the UV lost could be found and fixed for R6/7.


Lost UV.zip (752.0 KB)

Hello @Micha, for some reason the surface domains on your meshes are very large. You can see that by running _List command and checking the line with m_srf_domain. And yet the surface parameter values in m_S are quite small. That causes texture coordinates to become very small and it appears as if there are no texture coordinates at all. If you increase the UVW repeat value on the object texture mapping to match the surface domains you’ll see the texture. I would like to see the mesh before this issue showed up.

I used this mesh without problems since a few weeks. Here the mesh from an incremental save some weeks before.

Thank you for your support,

UV mesh.3dm (2.6 MB)

Thanks @Micha, I assume you’ve used _MeshSplit to split the mesh. That command appears to modify the ON_Mesh::m_srf_domain in Rhino 6 SR30.

I could not repeat this issue with Rhino BETA. Perhaps @piac can verify it’s been fixed.

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