Using Rhino8 and Rhino7 on same machine loop

I just installed Rhino8 and I am getting in this loop:

Click Yes…

You click Yes and you get the other message, again…

Why can’t one use Rhino7 and Rhino8 on the same machine?
That is, I don’t expect them to be used simultaneously. Just to launch them without these messages.

Just make a check if one Rhino is running before running the other. Why the loop?


I saw this too and I’d guess it’s because the license type is an update and not a full license?

It’s a known problem they’re working on. Workaround here: V8 screws up Cloud Zoo - Needs fixing ASAP - #8 by jeremy5


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This issue should now be resolved. Please see the post below and let us know if you continue to be unable to run two versions of Rhino side-by-side on the same computer when using Cloud Zoo.