Multiple Zoo licenses; only errors since upgrade to V8

I had two V7 licenses.
One from the Windows world, the other one from
the former Mac version.

Since I upgraded the “Windows Rhino version”
to Rhino 8, I am no longer able to use two
V7 sessions (or V7 + V8) simultaneously.
No license available. Meh.

I tried to change the license key, to the apparently
unused version, but this only results in a
“404 not found” error; please contact sales.
(Which I did, but I did not receive any response yet).

The Zoo webpage shows all these licenses, but the
seats are only “1”.
My “Mac license” on the other hand, does not have
an email address assigned in the Zoo license overview.
How can I (re-) activate it?

Does anyone know what I can do here?

Hi Axt,

Once upgraded past Rhino 5 a license can work on either Windows or Mac

The other license (upgraded from Rh4-R8) is considered one license and won’t allow different versions to be used simultaneously.

Your Rhino 7 license that was upgraded from the mac R5 is currently unassigned.

You can assign the license by adding it to your cloud zoo.

If you are sharing licenses you might want to consider putting both on a single Cloud Zoo Team.

Thanks Japhy; that must have happened when
I asked your colleagues to please remap the V8
license to the “Windows version”.

The Zoo license overview is showing wrong
numbers, one of V7 and one of V8 are always
shown as “in use”, but it seems to work now.

When it says “license in use”, does this include
the ~2 weeks “lease” or who or what is using
my licenses?



You can click on the usage and view historical data/users