Using Rhino trail inside a ZOO environment

Using Rhino trail inside a ZOO environment,

We have a Rhino Zoo server for 22 licenses, but want to setup some extra workstations with a trail version (viewer). In our case for Projectmanager just for viewing the files.

How to install / manage these trail versions, because we don’t want them to connect the ZOO server.

Do we need an seperate download for the software? And how to keep those machines up to date. For updating we use a policy using the MSI files.

Kr. Erwin

@brian is there a way to script the Rhino installation and specify “evaluation” mode so as to run as a trial, or viewer?


If you run the installer on the user’s machine, one of the options is “evaluate”. This will allow the user to run in 90-day evaluation mode, after which they will not be able to save.

If you script the installation and provide neither the RMA_CDKEY parameter, nor the WORKGROUP_NODE parameter, Rhino will install as an eval, I think.

@brian thanks for the tip.