Can't Use Rhino 6 Trial as a Viewer After Trial Has Expired

Hi all, I’d like to use the Rhino 6 trial to view rhino files. This is suggested on the Rhino 6 download page:
However, after installing, I can’t get past the licensing screen:


  • Logged in with my account - > cannot proceed; I have no licenses
  • Started in safe mode → cannot proceed; licensing screen is still shown

This feels like either a bug, an attempt to discourage users from freeloading, or something that I’m missing. Do any solutions come to mind?

If you added the evaluation license to your Rhino Account you should be able to use the login button. Otherwise find the e-mail in which you received the license key and enter it.

Hi @max.suica, welcome to Discourse!

Because your license of Rhino is expired, and because the Cloud Zoo doesn’t let Rhino 6 run without saving if the license is expired, you’ll need to move your license from the Cloud Zoo to Standalone. Here’s how:

  1. Login to
  2. Remove your Rhino 6 Evaluation license from the Cloud Zoo
  3. Start Rhino
  4. Click “Enter your license key”
  5. Enter your license key, and follow the prompts to keep the license on your computer only
  6. When you’ve completed entering your license, Rhino will start, but will not let you save your work.

If you want to save your work, please purchase a license at

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Hi Brian,

I tried this method, but I cannot seem to get my evaluation to work again. I simply want to use Rhino to view files. I do not want to save. We have licenses that we purchased that we use to save, but I want to review on a separate computer. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Expired evaluation licenses can only be installed locally on a machine, not in a Rhino cloud zoo account.

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