Using Ipad pro and apple pencil 2

Hi there,

Is there anyone who knows if its possible to use the apple pencil together with rhino. I’m using “Duet Display” and my ipad pro to mirror my Pc onto the ipad, but when I’m in Rhino, the pencil seems to be doing a “right click” all the time. I can’t use it as a simple cursor/left click mouse.

I know this might not be the most urgent problem, but I think it could be interesting to use the pencil together with the command “sketch” in rhino. Does anyone had any succes with the apple pencil, or perhaps know of a driver to install?



I had some problems with Duet, so I uninstalled it. I have used Astropad instead and it works very well with Apple pencil / iPad and the Rhino sketch command.


Hi Philip

Thank you for your reply,

Okay, this is kinda good news. Now I know that the pencil will work :slight_smile: …I guess I just have to wait for the launch of astropad for windows.


Oops, sorry - I didn’t catch the windows/pc-thing…