Apple Pencil benefits in iRhino?

Is there anyone who’s using iRhino with an Apple Pencil? What are the benefits?

I have an iPad Air (5th Generation) and I’m thinking of getting a pencil…

In the current version there’s no distinction between touch input vs pencil input.
But I’m working on a new release that lets you use pencil and touch at the same time. Happy to give you early access if you send me your Apple ID


I think you know it- here is a small reminder. I am also very interested in the pencil Version

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I know but thanks for the reminder

Thanks, I’ll let you know once I get the pencil

The challenge with using the pencil seems to be the possible muddling between a “click” and just a “drag”. This is not really specific to Rhino, but applies to lots of drawing programs. If the pencil touching down is coded as a “click”, then it’s very easy to accidentally “drag” because the pencil tip naturally slips a little. It’s not a big problem for drawing apps like Procreate, but it starts to be a problem where precision is wanted.

I’m curious to know how the team plans to solve the “click” vs. “drag” problem here!

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I’ve used Wacom tablets in the past and I think this was also a problem for me

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