Using gradient Hatch to color a pattern

hi all,
i’am new to rhino and I was trying to achieve a simple task and I want to export the file to illustrator later.
let’s say I have an irregular pattern ( not like in the example) , I would like to give a specific color to each piece depending on it’s x or y. since exporting fill colors to illustrator is a pain in the *** in rhino, i am using hatching. I can not seem to choose a color which pattern hatch in solid color mode, so I am using gradient-hatch with the same color. I am missing something because all I get is the same color for every piece. what ami I doing wrong ?

maybe this helps: (7.6 KB)

thank you for your reply, can you help me understand what I am doing wrong ? I’d love to learn from my mistakes.

if you want to do it as you were trying to achieve, you can do it this way:

but currently any gradient hatch exported to illustrator will give you a plain solid hatch with color set to the layer color it is on, so you will need to figure out a way to make layers with the colors you want the shapes to be in and assign them to those layers, then export

thank you for your help, it is exactly what I need but sadly when I bake it and export it as an .AI all I get is the same fill color for all shapes! any idea how to keep the color information on a vector format SVG,AI,PDF ?

did you read my post:

I missed your post !
well, it is a lot of work for such a simple thing! I started rhino two weeks ago and I love all the possibilities but not being able to use the results later is disappointing! I hope there will a simple update to solve such a minor thing!
thank you for your time and help

I agree it should be easier to export, it is just not (yet) designed to work like that, you might make a new post for that so that it can be added to the bug tracker.

as a workaround you can make meshes instead and use mesh to hatch from plugin LadyBug (I haven’t tested this workflow myself)

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Hi -

We have that feature request on the list as RH-51593 and I added this thread in a comment.