Display colors of hatches in CMYK imported to Rhino and exported to Illustrator

Hello colleagues,

I’m working on a project that will be printed, so I need to work with CMYK. Basically, my workflow is:
I get coloured hatches from Illustrator which I explode as surfaces and import into GH. Using Human, I get the attributes from the surfaces in RGB and, after projecting it into surfaces and unrolling it, I create new layers with the RGB colours and bake new hatches on it according to the original colour. Then, I export to .ai using CMYK.

The problem is that when I compare it with the original colours from Illustrator, it’s not the same as the colours that went through Rhino/GH. This project is about colours and it looks a lot better in CMYK.

I’ve read in another post that it’s not possible to work with CMYK in Rhino/GH. Would it be possible to get the original colour information and overwrite it in the exported file? I’m always keeping in GH the data tree structure.

Thanks a lot!