Rhino 7 gradient hatch export to illustrator results in solid fill


Gradient hatches wont export to illustrator as gradients, but only come out as solid hatches.



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@arcade.smith thanks for the report! This is currently a known WIP issue that we’re working to make better.

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Are there any updates to the status of this issue?

We write a pretty old version of the ai format. You might have better luck exporting a PDF and importing that into Illustrator

Thanks. We’ll stick to the PDF export workflow. For what it’s worth, it seems you can cut and paste them…but they come into illustrator as clipping groups. Get’s a little clunky though, would not suggest as a workflow.

Hi seems here is the solution,

  1. Select the object or objects that have the gradient hatch that you want to export.
  2. Copy in Rhino.
  3. Open a document in Illustrator.
  4. Paste in Illustrator.
  5. The object should appear in Illustrator with the gradient hatch.

Hope it helps


Just wanted to add a response when doing the export to PDF option. A gradient hatch which has alpha opacity, exports as a solid fill, with no layer order.

This is what I see in Rhino.There is a gradient hatch on the column behind the man on the right of the image.

Here is that RhinoPDF opened in Acrobat Pro

Issue 1. Gradient hatch has lost colour transparency
Issue 2. Draw order; Everything is completely blocked by the hatch
Issue 3: When opening this in Illustrator, it does not recognise the graphic as a fill. It’s a non-native graphic