SRR(Sort of Rhino Related): Confessions of a Coffee-Shop Rhino User

I admit it openly. I like doing Rhino at my local coffee shop. There. It’s out in the open.

I have a fairly good 3.4Ghz 2600k / GTX-570 /16GB RAM machine here, and yet I’ve often struggled using Rhino on my 13" X220 laptop, which has (hides in shame) an Intel Integrated Doorstop–I mean graphic chip, in it.

So, in spite of the Clickpad-of-despair, I ordered a Lenovo W540. It should be here today. Even though, I cannot fight my compulsion I can only hope that admitting my problem, somehow makes it better.

Don’t be ashamed. I did some Rhino/Grasshopper work on a 10" VivoTab Smart + Bluetooth mouse and Keyboard after my 18" Laptop died. This worked surprisingly well.

That doesn’t sound to bad, unless you live in Amsterdam… :smile:

Good luck with the new machine!