Is there a Rhino WIP6 available?

If there is, could someone give be an idea how to download it? I can’t seem to find any information on it.


You have to ask, and wait, the access from @BrianJ

I sent off a note to tech support yesterday but never heard back. I’ll just wait for a response, then. Thanks!

I found out that Rh6wip won’t work on 32 bit machines. Fortunately my home device is 64 bits.

I see an email from you a couple months ago in the tech support email but nothing from this week. What email did you send it to? I just want to make sure it didn’t bounce for some reason. Regardless, you should now have access to the WIP.

Thanks, Brian! I sent it to I sort of got the impression that you don’t really talk about it in the forum, so I tried there first. I figured you guys were just a little busy. :smile:

Thanks for fixing me up. I’m looking forward to trying it out.