Using Microsoft Surface for Rhino work?

Does anyone regularly use a Surface tablet for Rhino? If so, how is it going? Any major limitations that you may have run into? I would love to hear what some of y’alls’ experiences have been.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Seth,

I’ve been using one (i5, 8GB) for about a month, and I’m quite impressed with it as a secondary, super-portable machine for presentations, and working in-transit. The touch screen is pretty cool to for navigating in Rhino - as is portrait mode turntables. I’m very impressed with the device.
I’m regularly working in ~100 - 160 MB files, and no big hiccups.



We have a couple people here using Rhino on an MS Surface tablet. It works well, but the screen is small, and text is difficult to read. Usually they are connected to a 24" monitor, so that doesn’t matter. But when they are away from their desk it becomes an issue. Or maybe I’m just getting old and can’t see like I used to?? :smile:

I actually have a friend that works at Microsoft on the Surface Pro hardware and he tests Rhino once in a while for us to make sure it works well with that device. The nice thing is that if any driver glitches show up, we have someone on the ‘inside’ that can bring the issue up during their regular team meetings.

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Thanks for your input guys. More and more, small and ultra portable seems so important, but maybe akin to Dan’s insights, that has more to do with with me (i.e. sharing less than 600 sq. ft. living space), and less to do with what others might need.

The small screen real estate thing might be an issue too. Ah, proportional relationships.