Using colors in the process

Giving a specific color to the inside of the object helps with orientation (where I am now) and assists when when the object isn`t close (a different color pops out suddenly). where can I find the icon for back-face color or, what should i write in the command? tks,

This is not a per-object setting, it’s a display mode setting. So I’m afraid the best you can do is to create a special display mode that shows backfaces in a particular color, then use SetObjectDisplayMode to set the objects(s) permanently in that display mode. SetObjectDisplayMode also has the disadvantage of being per-viewport… So you would need to apply that to all viewports. I have a script for that.

HTH, --Mitch

Thank you, so much Mitch. It`s my first time with this forum and it feels so good J I am going to try your solution. Sincerely, Hanny

To check if a surface is closed, you have also

thank you Alan, I know about show edges, I only brought that problem to explain what I need. Try backface color and you`ll see the difference. It gives a complete new orientation.

Hi Mitch, What will make me the owner of the script ? Hanny

Yes, Mitch. Could you share the script for that?

Thank you.

Hi Hanny,

I use a display mode to look for naked edges… it also shows the surface direction by using colors. Maybe this helps with your question.
FacesEdges.ini (4.4 KB)

To install:
-Display modes
-Import the “FacesEdges.ini” file

/\ Matthijs

Sorry, it’s “charrette week” this week… Here is the script, no time for instructions… --Mitch (1.7 KB)