Using an object library

I have numerous polysurface objects that I reuse. What is the best way to store and access a library of objects from within Rhino? TIA

Hi Sochin- if you care about maintaining the library and having the files update when your library objects change, then inserting them as linked blocks is the way to go.


Thanks Pascal. Block and object seem to be very similar to how Flash works. You create an object in Flash, add it to your library and then use instances of it. To edit all the instances you edit the object in the library.

The feature of being able to update across multiple files is a nice one using linked blocks and I will keep it in mind. That said it is not what I am after.

I want to be able to have a library of objects that I can call on that might not be exactly what I want but easily editable to suit the need. I want to skip all the initial work and just tweak the object. Linking and updating is not an issue as I will want to maintain any changes I have made to the object I have imported.

The look I am after is say something like one of the jewellery plugin menus that list objects to insert into a file but full of polysurface objects I have created. Is this possible?

After writing that I think this question might be better put to someone like RhinoGold. They currently allow us to save custom curve profiles to a library.

For now I will just use insert. Is there any way to set a default start directory for the _insert command?

_-SetWorkingFolder "Folder path in double quotes"

should help.


Perfect Pascal. Thanks :slight_smile: