How to insert (link) a single object from one file to another?

Right now the insert command brings in the whole file and all its layers as a block. What if we want a single object from that file to come in as a linked block instance ?

Hi Thomas - it is all or nothing I’m afraid - you’ll need to export the object from the file and insert that…


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Cool, thanks for the bad news :smile:
Though, I get the feeling I’ve asked this question before with equal outcome.

Hi Thomas, Pascal,

Sorry, I don’t have a solution (although maybe not all hope is lost - in the past @clement came up with a way to import only selected NamedViews from external file - so maybe there is a hope for objects? - linking may be difficult though).

But it actually would be a great feature to be able to link a block from a specific file that contains many block instances. This way we could organize specific block collections into files and then pick specific ones by name to link/import.

We would find this super useful, so if this is a potential future development on the heap, +1 from me.


The problem I am having is that one Rhino file contains an assembly and an another contains the package and render scene. I need to be able to move the elements of the assembly around independent of each other (for rendering different views and such). Right now they come in cemented together. It gives me the option to edit the block by opening the linked Rhino file, but I am forced to make a move (saved position), then save and close the linked file, then go back and forth in a tedious way … and you can’t have both files independently open because one of them become read-only, I am forced to do it only when Rhino loads the linked file by double-clicking the block instance at the destination file.

Would Worksession be useful? You can have two or more files open in one Rhino session. Only one file is active but it is simple to change which file is active.

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hmm, actually, yes. I can make worksession work in my case. Thanks David !