Block Library File


I was wondering, is there currently any way to insert particular blocks from a Rhino file of multiple blocks, or will inserting a block just always insert all objects of the file?

As an example, I have multiple variations on a model of a tree (x20) and I would like to store all of these trees in one library file that I can then reference back to when inserting them into my main model scene. The alternative would be to just put every single tree in its own rhino file which then becomes a chore if I want to apply a quick change (rotation, scale, etc.) to all of them.

Another example, I have a model of a garage door separated into three files: closed, mostly open, and completely open. I would like to insert each of these into my model scene with interchangeability while also only having to reference back to one file for these blocks.

I believe my need for something like this is mainly based around project/file manageability as scrolling through miles of block references after a while becomes time consuming.



I believe most keep blocks as individual blocks in a folder structure, then insert as needed.

In the block manager you can export all blocks to a folder.

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I see, so then the best thing to do would be to make all of my variations in one file, center all of them around the origin, and export them to their separate files with the BlockManager. That makes sense.


Hello all,

How may we make a blocks library a feature of a template file?

In Mary F.'s great tutorial 2D & Layouts, available on YouTube, she has a blocks library file attached to the floorplan file that shows in Part 16, Adding Blocks & Layouts.

It is a library of eight or so, blocks; annotation and line objects.

In the assembly of of an Architectural template, it appears that it would be useful to have a similar blocks library file accessible directly from the template Block toolbar

This is probably SOP but I can’t find any instruction re making it happen.

There is plenty on making blocks of all sorts and saving in a library file but not, that I can find on how to make it a feature of a template. I’m probably overlooking something obvious but could someone tell me how or direct me to some instruction that shows…

So how do we make a blocks library a feature of template files.

Tom M.