Using a complicated loop with Galapagos/Octopus


I have a pretty complex code that’s making an urban planning system to construct blocks and tiles.
I made a loop with anemone as I can’t seem to make the Octopus loop work at all (it only does the first stage of the loop and keeps copying it over and over instead of moving forward: which works perfectly with Anemone)

The problem is that when I use Galapagos to run it, the Galapagos listener keeps catching the loop while it is still working, snapping that picture of the viewport, and moves on to change sliders - all before the loop even finished its work.

Any way to make it work? Or an explanation about how the Octopus Loop is different?

It would be very much appreciated!


Hi Levezze, did you find a solution for your problem…?

I have a similar issue. I dont use any iteration loop inside the grasshopper but my problem is that I have a very big and complex definition and every change in the slider (genes) takes around 2/3 seconds to compute the fitness to optimize. When I run galapagos (i want to try with octopus) the iteration of genes goes much faster than the fitness. So I’m having a delay which means that the genes and fitness don’t match.

Thanks in advance!!