Working Octopus Explicit example, Rhino 7?

Hi guys.

I’ve been looking at building a replacement for Galapagos in my code from Octopus Explicit components.

I need to be able to start, monitor and stop the solver process via HumanUI, which is not available either via Galapagos or the Standard Octopus component.

The only example I have found using the Explicit components is in the Octopus 0.4 install file. This example shows a bunch of errors on opening then crashes in Rhino 5/6/7.

I have managed to open it in R5 with grasshopper solver disabled, and followed the logic to rebuild in R7/GH1.

So I can get the Octopus full solver to run and do find good solutions on my fitness function.

But replacing this with the explicit parts I only get nulls returned on a population test of 100.

I can’t post my current code, I might try and create a test problem that replicates the issue.

Does anyone have a modern working example using these components that I can follow?