Making Anemone loops work with Galapagos ["Fast" loops?]

Hey there!

I have been working with GH for the past two years, but only recently started working with Anemone. I like the concept, the problem is that the loop isn’t the whole code. Not even close, this is a 40Mb code for a city planning project.

The loops comes in at a certain point, and when not running Galapagos the regular loop works well, I activate it with a button, it thinks for around 30 seconds, gives a good output and everything works well.

The problem starts when I use galapagos, everything goes to hell - It just doesn’t work. So I did my research and the most common answer I saw was to use the “fast loop”. I did, seems that it does what it should, sure, but those 30 seconds suddenly turn into literally 16 minutes.

Is there a way to take data out of the code to another empty code, run a regular loop there, and then re-connect the loop output back all while running galapagos?

Much appreciated!


Hi L Zhitnik, do you have any updates about it?
I’m dealing with the same problem here. I just can’t make galapagos work with anemone because of the “trigger” button.

Does anyone know something about it? thanks!