Creating Array, Loop of Components (Anemone, Hoopsnake...?)

I want to create hundreds of components and individually control the input for each component and link outputs of each components. How might I do this?

It’s hard to tell exactly what you want to do, but a combination of data trees (to avoid code duplication) and anemone for looping sounds like it would help. Anemone hasn’t been updated in years but is very stable. What does your script do?

I was able to implement data trees which avoided a ton of code duplication. Thanks Patt. My script generates near parallel geodesic curves on a surface minimizing their rotation. I’m also interested if there are other algorithms tools like Galapagos that could be used to loop through different solutions in a non sequential fashion. I’ve had a lot of luck with Galapagos, but it’s been suggested that I should try other approaches.

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Nice, glad it helped. Above a certain level of complexity, so much ‘Grasshoppering’ relies on Data trees (and the joys of Data Tree matching).

I haven’t used them myself but I’ve heard a lot of good things about;

and Octopus;