Genetic Algorithm Inside Loop Issue (Sliders Move too Quickly for Loop to Execute)

I think this is very known issue, yet I have been unable to find a solution. Using a GA solver such as Octopus, Galapagos etc. inside a loop means that the input sliders are altered much faster than the loop component can keep up with, I am looking for a solution to this, the closest I have found is here;

it is a very old post and I am wondering if anyone has found/knows of a more elegant solution?

There Is also this solution using anemone fast loop, yet it does not work in my case as fast loop appears to re-compute the entire definition meaning that it is far to slow to be used for a GA

My file address’s a simple problem where a series irregular shapes should be oriented so that they extend the furthest possible in the X direction. The first group shows a manual solution, simply by copy and pasting components as a proof of concept. And the second group is looped and works in principle - if the sliders are adjusted manually, yet as soon as I use Octopus or Galapagos it breaks down. (36.6 KB)

Really pulling my hair out over this so any help would be great! :slight_smile: