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I have a question from a client who is currently using the Zoo in a company for managing licenses and wants to maybe transfer everything to the cloud zoo. I gave him basic info, suggested that setting up a team was probably the way to go, and sent him links to the appropriate docs - but he has a question I can’t answer, so I translated it below:

I have a question about the cloud zoo that I couldn’t find in the doc:

It is very convenient for us with the Zoo that the whole team can see who is using the licenses, and not only the Zoo administrator: is this also possible with the cloud zoo, or only the team administrator sees the use of the licenses?

Is that indeed possible with the cloud zoo? I don’t really have a platform here to test with. Thanks!

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Hi Mitch -
I’m a “Member” of the McNeel license team in the cloud zoo and can see the names of the other users in the team that are currently using one of the licenes.

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I use this all the time, especially on the occasion we start running out of licenses.


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