Used to 3DStudioMax easy learning Rhino?

I have years of experience with 3DStudioMax. Is it easy to learn Rhino or do I have to start from scratch?


Having used both, I guess it’s down to personality. Are you the kind of person who is curious and like to take in new information? Because the underlying paradigm is quite different (unless you used the Nurbs surface and curve functionality in Max). In Max you have vertices, edges, polygons and elements as building blocks, while in Rhino you have points, curves, surfaces and polysurfaces. Trimming surfaces will probably be something entirely new to you and it’s a big deal.

There’s far fewer menus and dialogs in Rhino so it might feel extremely rudimentary in the beginning, but you can customize the UI about the same as you can in Max, and I’d say that’s a good place to start (ie, pick out the tools which work for you and place them in a personalized menu).

There’s also no non-destructive modifier stack in Rhino, only a very fragile “history” which you should probably stay away from as a beginner (or at all, really). Oh, and unfortunately Rhino treats rational and non-rational surfaces/curves a bit differently and involves a few long standing bugs, so that’s something to keep an eye out for as well.

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