Best online resources for a total beginner


I am a hobbyist and currently planning to buy a Rhino Mac license at the end of my trial. I have been using Fusion360 to model more functional stuff for 3d printing as well as modelling simple things to use in iOS AR stuff I experiment with.

Long story short, I like Fusion 360 but I do not want to pay for a subscription and would rather own a license and pay for updates. Having interests in small sailboat design as well, I am also naturally drawn to Rhino, which seems to be the standard CAD used in this domain. Lastly, while Fusion is great for functional parts, I feel limited when trying to be more artistic (which I am really bad at anyway!).

Anyway, I installed the trial and have been following a few of the Getting Started videos. While I am able to follow and arrive at something, I still don’t “get it”. I don’t know if it is because of the different paradigm, but there seems to be much more technical, “mathematic-ish” terms and stuff that I do not understand in Rhino.

In Fusion, I know I simply start with a sketch, apply constraints, extrude, modify the solid, create new construction planes, rinse and repeat. In Rhino, I am not sure what the “flow” is supposed to be like exactly and I often end up stuck and completely flabbergasted as to what I am supposed to do next. For example, I was simply trying to model a dumb thing yesterday to figure out the software and at some point, I applied filets to all the edges. But I ended up with weird stuff poking out through everywhere that I had to clean up with the Trim command. Maybe it is expected, maybe not, my problem is I just don’t know.

So, I feel my issue is just that I just do not have a strong foundation to build upon but I am not sure what the best resource is get there. My question is thus, what resource would you all recommand that goes from a total beginner level to a somewhat advanced level? Ideally a video course or video series. I am on a Mac but I assume the windows the version is comparable enough to not really matter. I am also fine with paid stuff if the quality is there. My only criteria is that I have a tight schedule, what with real work and family, so it would be hard to enrol in a “real” class that requires to be present at a specific day and time.

I realize this was quite a long post! So thanks in advance and I wish you all a nice day :slight_smile:

Welcome @daniel18

Thanks Fred_C :slight_smile: I already did a few of those tutorials, the water bottle for example. But I still feel like I miss the foundation. For example, what’s the difference between NURBS and SubD? When to use one vs the other? What is the different or proper workflow in Rhino? Maybe it is my background as a software developer, I am used to learning things in a very structured way, learning new things by building on concepts I learned previously.


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Better Living Through CNC - YouTube I`m a half year with Rhino and this is best video series about modeling in Rhino IMHO.

I`ve seen also all movies from here:

I`ve seen also all materials from here: Rhino 6 Training Guides (English) [McNeel Wiki]