(Total NOOB) Getting Started and already confused

Hi everyone,
I just got Rhino for my Mac and got a couple of video tutorials for beginners to get started but my workspace looks totally different from the video tuts that I am trying to follow. I realize that they are working on Windows and I am on a Mac but do you think I could follow these tuts if my work space is so different?

Thanks for your help in advance

I would suggest the best way to learn Rhino its to use the command line, which remains the same between platform (although some commands are still missing in the Mac version).
The important thing is to learn the logic of the modelling and not where the buttons are.
So yes. You can follow the tutorials, just pay attention to the commands. Hope this helps.


Thanks for your advice. Just what I wanted to here. I think I was just getting a panic attack because everything is just so different than the software I use for graphic design work. Anyway thanks again

You can make Rhino Mac look more like the Windows version, if helpful, via customization of the interface. Start here:

Video tutorials can be a nice starting point, and useful for a specific task, but are disjointed and rarely comprehensive.

If your aim is competency, simply bring up the official documentation and work your way through key sections: dedicate a few days to this, then refer back as needed. Your initial goal is to understand the commands/tools rather than create something straight away.

In the long term, a structured approach should pay dividends over bouncing around video tuts.

Good luck!